Managing Non-Physical Products in Pimly (PIM)

Feb 24, 2023

Isaac Cutrara - Principal Consultant, Salesforce Practice

This week at Aleysian, we had the chance to build out a Pimly Demo for a SAAS CRM Product. Although some of the draw towards PIM’s includes the ability to visualize a physical product and its properties, we soon realized that the case for managing SAAS based Products in Pimly is HERE.

Product Properties

Like physical products, SAAS products have product properties as well. While a t-shirt has properties like brand, size, and style, SAAS products have properties like features, price, language, and customer support to name a few. With Pimly, Product Managers can setup features that are shared across all of their products via the Parent Product Hierarchy. For example, Unlimited and Enterprise Products inherit features from the Parent Product (i.e. Account, Contact, Lead, and Opportunity Management). Then at the individual Product level, they can customize which features are included based on a specific license type. Then on the individual Product records, you can specify the features that apply only to the unique Product SKUs (i.e. Premier Success). This level of customization gives users an enhanced view of a Product’s unique and shared properties.

Related Products

With SAAS based Products, we are seeing a lot of scenarios where Products are interconnected. With Pimly’s Related Products functionality, users can visualize products related to the Product they are viewing. Related Products help to identify areas where Product Add-ons might be applicable (i.e. Extra Storage).

Digital Asset Management

Just because SAAS Products aren’t physical items, doesn’t mean you can’t visualize them. We included images of what the product looks like for an end user leveraging their product on their phone or computer. For example, with the Service Cloud Product, we setup an image of a Case Record with Service Level Agreements, and for the Mulesoft Product, we setup an image of what Mulesoft Composer looks like. This capability allows Sales users to better visualize what it is that they are selling and Service users a better way to visualize what they are supporting.

Product Compliance

For SAAS Products, understanding which Products are compliant with Regulatory Agencies is imperative. With Pimly, Compliance Certifications and Attestations can be tracked against your Products. Pimly users can store the Certification document(s) related to their SAAS Product making Pimly the source of truth for Product Compliance.

Whether you’re ready to move your SAAS products into a PIM or just interested in learning more about Aleysian and our offerings, click HERE to talk to an Aleysian expert.

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