Partner Projects: Payscale Information Security

Apr 19, 2023

Eleanor Spolyar - Principal Consultant, PMO

Industry: High-Tech

Location: Seattle, Washington

Salesforce Products and Functionality Used: Sales Cloud (Web-to-Lead)

Payscale is a high-tech company that specializes in providing compensation data and software solutions to businesses. The company was founded in 2002 and is based in Seattle, Washington. Payscale's primary focus is providing businesses and employees with accurate and up-to-date information about compensation and benefits trends in their industries, allowing Payscale users to manage their compensation strategies more effectively.

This project required a solution that would allow customers to access the necessary documentation without making it publicly available on the Payscale website. The two main project goals were:

  1. Create a way for Payscale customers to access the security documentation related to the products they own without making the documentation publicly available on the Payscale website.
  2. Ensure the automatic capture of NDA consent prior to customer access to protect the confidentiality of said documents.

Aleysian accomplished the project goals by building a solution that offers the following:

Secure Data Transfer Enhancements
through the elimination of manual and non-secure processes for handling security document requests and allowing the ability to capture and confirm NDA consent prior to delivering documents to protect Payscale assets.

Scalable adjustments
to the data model, allowing the capture of legal consent and document requests and giving users the ability to easily add, update, and remove documents without modifying configuration or code.

Improved User Experience
by creating the ability for external customers to submit requests via Website form.

Aleysian, having successfully implemented the Information Security project for Payscale, is thrilled to continue our partnership and work together to further improve the security and user experience at Payscale.

If you need help ensuring security in your Salesforce org, contact an Aleysian expert today.

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