Partner Projects: Payscale Issue Resolution

Mar 29, 2023

Eleanor Spolyar - Principal Consultant, PMO

Company Name: Payscale

Industry: High-Tech

Location: Seattle, Washington

Salesforce Products and Functionality Used: Sales Cloud, CPQ

Payscale is a high-tech company that specializes in providing compensation data and software solutions to businesses. The company was founded in 2002 and is based in Seattle, Washington. Payscale's primary focus is providing businesses and employees with accurate and up-to-date information about compensation and benefits trends in their industries, allowing Payscale users to manage their compensation strategies more effectively.

Aleysian and Payscale partnered to accomplish the following Project Goals -

  • Reduce the number of issue tickets related to an Salesforce Organization merge

  • Clean-up Product Account and Contact Data

  • Conduct a Flow Overhaul to architect a simpler and more scalable solution

This project demanded a profound comprehension of the Payscale Salesforce Environment, coupled with the expertise to fine-tune internal operations and minimize disruptions while maximizing business productivity. Aleysian impacts included -
  • Decreased the client backlog of Salesforce organizational merge related issues by 75%.

  • Instituted solutions which corrected organizational wide issues of the Annual Recurring Revenue, which gave the organization more accurate reporting on hundreds of thousands of dollars.

  • Created an Account Matching algorithm using DemandTools which identified around 14,000 potential duplicate accounts. This algorithm also handled determining surviving records and surviving field values.

  • Conducted an Salesforce organization-wide Flow clean-up which assessed over 300 requirements and gave Payscale a scalable go-forward solution, illustration below.

Diagram by Steven Cocchiarella (Managing Principal - Salesforce Practice)

The success of the Payscale issue resolution project, achieved through the collaborative partnership with Aleysian, has paved the way for future collaboration. Aleysian's expertise will be leveraged to further enhance Payscale's offerings and improve the overall experience of their employees and customers.

If you need help with strategizing your organizational merge, architecting your Salesforce flows, or a foundational data cleanup, reach out to an Aleysian expert today.

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