Pimly Pointers: UI/UX Visibility

Apr 25, 2023

Pimly Ver 2.6

Joe Kiefer - Sr. Consultant, Salesforce Practice

Pimly, the first fully Salesforce-native PIM, has the power to utilize Salesforce’s mature lightning interface, which provides great flexibility around customizing the user experience. Since Pimly uses Product Blocks (which display as lightning web components) to display product information, we can quickly and easily make pages that are custom tailored to the needs of our clients. For example, here we can see 2 product blocks that were created for this robot. One contains shipping information and the other contains technical product specs.

In this scenario, we found that Technical Specs were critical to the client’s support team, and Shipping Information was critical to the logistics team. By editing the lightning page with standard Salesforce functionality, we can easily set up the PDP so that visibility is dictated by the user’s profile (and there are many other criteria options for other scenarios).

From the above screen, we can use Salesforce’s out-of-the-box functionality to set component visibility. Below, you can see how Pimly displays product information blocks based on the above criteria

Another possibility could be using campaign dates to dictate when old vs new marketing copy blocks are displayed.

These are just a few use cases we’ve found where the maturity of Salesforce’s feature set provides exceptional utility and customizability that’s not often found out of the box with a PIM. Your business processes can dictate what needs you have, and with Salesforce as the backbone, you can create countless sets of criteria to dictate when and which product blocks are displayed (and to whom)!

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