Pimly Pointers: Using Salesforce Automation to Update Pimly Property Values

Apr 11, 2023

Joe Kiefer - Senior Consultant, Salesforce Practice

Pimly Version 2.6

Does your product team get frustrated with manually updating product information? Does your organization struggle with consistently updating products through their lifecycle? Salesforce and Pimly can work together to create a synergy that enables you to utilize Salesforce's standard automation tools to update product information automatically.

For example, a key field used in many organizations is the standard “Active” checkbox on the Product object. While useful, many times this feature doesn’t neatly fit into the needs of a PIM. Often, a product’s lifecycle in a PIM starts before it is an active product, meaning products could live in any of the pre-release/live/discontinued statuses. What if, when the Active checkbox on the Product record is unchecked, the product automatically sets the “Product Lifecycle Status” to retired? Pimly and Salesforce together can do just that!

Here you can see we’ve built a flow using Pimly flow components to recognize when the active box goes from (false) to (true). When done so, the Pimly product status is updated to “Active.” When it changes from (true) to (false), it’s updated from “Active” to “Discontinued.”

While this particular automation may not be exactly what your business needs, there are other creative ways this concept can apply to your business. For instance, in Salesforce you can track the amount of times a product has been sold and once it crosses a certain threshold, a Pimly attribute can be updated to note the product entering a different “tier” of product impact on your business Or how about setting up automation for your seasonal products so that Pimly can use scheduled jobs to update the variation in details as you cycle through the product’s selling seasons? Depending on your business, there are countless ways to schedule and/or automate the updating of product information within Pimly.

Reach out to Aleysian so we can discuss the possibilities and benefits Salesforce automation can provide for your product information today!

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