Pimly Pointers: Regional Variations in Your Product Data

Mar 28, 2023

Joe Kiefer - Senior Consultant, Salesforce Practice

Pimly Version 2.6

Does your company do business across a wide spectrum of clients and languages? Do you need to present different product details to different regional groups? While Salesforce has some capabilities around multi-language options, Pimly makes it easy to separate and designate regional product information using Locales and Channels. Instead creating new Pimly Product Blocks that display properties in each language you operate in, we can set Pimly up to display different values based on the Locale of the end user.

For example, if your GTM team has created the marketing copy for your robot as “this robot is the most beautiful robot in the world,” you can add a French value for that property so that users in France would instead see “Ce robot est le plus beau robot du monde” without any additional configuration.

We would set the US values in the Pimly Data Management app like this:

And for the France locale:

As a result, when we view the product in the Pimly Digital Experience app, we can see how those values are seen by users in the US Locale.

(Note: The Pimly Vision popup to select your Locale is generally minimized, but has been expanded for illustration purposes)

And in the France Locale it looks like this:

This can be used beyond language translations, too! For example, in the US a product may be certified by UL or the FDA while in the EU you may instead want to list it as CE certified. These could all be contained under a “Certifications” property, but only the relevant certifying body for a particular channel and locale would be visible. From a more creative perspective, you can even use this to compartmentalize properties based on client type.

If you sometimes sell to individuals or small businesses but also operate at scale for large businesses as well, having a channel for “Enterprise clients” and a channel for “SMB clients” makes it easy to choose details that may only be appropriate for a certain sales channel. This is an incredible way Pimly brings functionality to Salesforce that didn’t explicitly exist before!

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