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Nov 03, 2022

Madyson Anthony - Consultant, eCommerce Practice

As Software as a Service (SaaS) has moved further into the 21st century, an essential component of that service has become data summarization and reporting. The quantitative aspect of a company’s performance has never been more comprehensible than today - allowing management to put their finger to the pulse of small businesses and Fortune 500s alike. Below, we highlight some of the key Salsify features that facilitate the aforementioned in the modern retail landscape.

Salsify Automated Insights allow brands an opportunity to no longer manually monitor their digital performance for price, content, availability and search by offering powerful, closed-loop product page analytics. This allows brands to measure the impact of the product content they syndicate to the digital shelf.

Available Reports

Product Page Report

The Product Page Report benchmarks a product’s merchandising performance against generally accepted commerce best practices related to:

  1. Title & description length

  2. A+ content

  3. Image resolution and number of images

  4. Average rating and number of reviews

Benchmark and improve your product pages using data-driven conversion best practices. Salsify analyzes products for major deficiencies as they appear on retailer sites including Amazon and Walmart. Clients take those reports and make them actionable by creating tasks inside Salsify for your merchandisers to optimize and fix listings to improve your customers’ product experience.

Report summarizing content grading, customer feedback*

SEO Report

Drive product discovery with machine learning that helps your products rise to the top of the search results. The SEO Report provides keywords that you should consider adding to rich content for specific products on Amazon. While this report is specific to Amazon, optimizing for Amazon has benefits for other retailers like Walmart. Additionally, this report highlights keyword opportunities based on what your competitors are doing with their's. For example, if a competitor is having success with a specific keyword in search, this report will surface that opportunity as well.

Products with suggested keywords*

Brand Compliance Report

Brand Compliance Report enables a customer to compare product attributes that the retailer has published with content stored in Salsify. It compares:

  1. Price

  2. Name

  3. Main Image

  4. Product Description

Product vs. Compliance score*

Content Audit Report

Know how your teams are progressing and target opportunities to drive content to market faster. The Content Audit Report checks the completeness of content by business unit or brand and property group. This report enables a customer to audit all the product content stored in Salsify against a custom set of attributes. Business units and attributes are custom to your company.

Gain a high-level view of your data completeness and understand which teams are producing content ready to go to market and which have opportunities to improve.

Content completeness displayed by excel*

Buy Box and Availability Report

Track availability and understand who is winning the Buy Box at what price. Leverage this information to diagnose issues like out of stock, lost buy box issues, MAP violations by 3p sellers, and possible fake product listings.

Keep tabs on product availability*

Share of Search Report

This report looks across all your relevant search terms and calculates your percentage share of search vs your competition. Use this report for SEO and demand generation investment planning, content development, as well as competitive intelligence analyses.

Comprehensive search statistics*

Competitive Price Intelligence Report

This report compares prices for up to 250 of your products across multiple retailers to identify where products are being offered for less. Find out which retailer may be responsible for starting a chain reaction of lowering price and compressing your profit margin.

Track product pricing across all channels*

Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Violation Report

This report helps users identify Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) violators and to enforce MAP policies. Find out if retailer partners or third-party sellers are listing products below a set MAP to ensure that your profit margins and brand integrity are protected.

Ensure third party sellers uphold their end of the bargain*

Salsify Automated Insight helps businesses play the game of modern eCommerce. It collects and centralizes information, monitoring real time status of products and channels. The intention is that with the arsenal of reporting tools Salsify provides, it can paint an accurate depiction of where precisely on the digital shelf products are located.

*All images were sourced from the “Getting Started with Salsify Automated Insights” section of Salsify’s Knowledge Base.

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