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Apr 05, 2023

Pimly Version 2.2

Please welcome Pimly to the Service Cloud!

In our first video, we introduced Pimly, the first fully Salesforce-native product information management (PIM) solution. In the following video, we will discuss how to use Pimly to simplify your service organization and eliminate the common pain points that your customer service representatives face every day.

Let’s face it: service teams frequently encounter roadblocks when handling product data. They deal with inadequate product data living in multiple systems, leading to backed-up case queues and increased average handle time per case, resulting in unhappy customers and even unhappier customer support representatives.

With Pimly in your service organization, your team can access complete product data and a 360° view of the product they are servicing - all within the Salesforce application. This enables them to respond to customers efficiently and accurately, reducing the average handle time per case and optimizing first-call resolution. With consistent access to accurate product information, your service team can now provide a world-class customer experience.

Aleysian is a consulting firm that specializes in eCommerce and Salesforce implementations. With nearly 200 successfully delivered projects, we have the ability to remove the uncertainty, doubt, and risk in your cloud & digital transformation. As pioneers in Pimly implementations, we excel at the intersection of data management and Salesforce.

Interested in learning more? Our client-first approach, dedication, and proven expertise make us the ideal partner for your Service initiatives. Reach out to an Aleysian cloud expert today and trust us to support you in achieving your product data goals.

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