Transforming the Customer Experience: A Success Story of a Leading Global Manufacturer

Sep 19, 2023

Tom Hedgecoth - eCommerce Practice Director

This is the second in a series of three blog posts focusing on Leatherman’s transformative journey with Aleysian as they implemented Akeneo to empower growth and success.

The customer has always been king. But in today’s modern shopping environment, the old adage is even more true. It’s why Leatherman turned to Aleysian to help implement a new product information management system (PIM). If you’re struggling to provide a modern customer experience – with accurate and relevant search data and a secure shopping environment – keep reading.

“We ran a pretty thorough selection process to choose a PIM,” said Liz Lee, IT Director at Leatherman Tool Company. “We had stakeholders from IT, product, brand marketing and ecommerce helping to build the requirements, evaluate the RFPs, attend demos and, ultimately, make the final decision. But we knew the solution needed to help transform the customer experience.”

One of the Leatherman’s major strategic pillars is developing a closer relationship with consumers and improving their experience at every touchpoint. To do so, Leatherman focused on direct-to-consumer (D2C) efforts, with a focus on its own e-commerce channel and Amazon Fulfillment (FBA). With plans to expand its marketplace footprint and international e-commerce sites in the future, Leatherman needed a tool that could ensure a world-class user experience, security of data, and strong customer service. Fortunately, Akeneo’s PIM came to the rescue.

A Customer-First B2C Experience

Akeneo allowed Leatherman to enhance customer experience by providing a world-class user experience. The tool was designed to provide a seamless experience that allows customers to find the exact product they are looking for quickly and efficiently. With Akeneo's advanced search functionality, customers have access to an intuitive, easy-to-use platform that ensures accurate and relevant search results. This feature has helped Leatherman customers complete their purchases with ease, leading to an increase in customer satisfaction and retention.

Enhanced Customer Security

Akeneo also helped Leatherman improve customer security by implementing features that ensure data privacy and security. With the rise of cyber threats, data security is more important than ever. Akeneo allowed Leatherman to integrate security protocols and implement measures that protect customer data throughout the e-commerce process. This feature has helped Leatherman establish trust with its customers and improve brand reputation, leading to increased customer loyalty.

Improved Customer Service and Satisfaction

Implementing Akeneo has also improved Leatherman's customer support and service. The tool has allowed Leatherman to maintain accurate and up-to-date records of customer information, including purchase history, feedback, and support requests. This enabled Leatherman's customer support team to enhance their support and service, leading to more satisfied customers and increased customer loyalty.

All of these factors have ensured customer satisfaction throughout the implementation and ongoing use of the tool. The Aleysian team provided hands-on support and worked collaboratively with Leatherman's IT team to ensure a seamless integration and transition period.

“The same team selected the software and Alesyian – our implementation partner,” Lee said. “They worked closely with Akeneo and Aleysian on the implementation. And now they train and champion the tool with their counterparts in the business.”

With guidance from Aleysian, Lee said the Leatherman tool is now empowered to better support the overall customer experience.

“We’ve found the product models, families and rules have all been super flexible. Our users love the interface.” she said. “And overall our team feels very empowered and confident with the tool.”

The Bottom Line

Leatherman's D2C efforts have been successful due to its focus on developing a closer relationship with customers and improving their experience. Akeneo has played a key role in these efforts by enabling Leatherman to improve customer experience, security, and customer service throughout implementation and ongoing use. The tool has allowed Leatherman to provide its customers with a world-class user experience, a secure platform, and excellent customer service. By partnering with Akeneo, Leatherman has been able to establish trust with its customers, enhance customer loyalty, and improve its brand reputation. Overall, Akeneo has been a game-changer for Leatherman and a valuable asset for any business looking to enhance customer experience and loyalty.

Check out part three of the three-part blog series on Leatherman’s transformative journey with Aleysian as they implemented Akeneo to empower growth and success.

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